Mall of Qatar Pedestrian Bridge - Urban space

Doha, Qatar
Urban space
1259 m²

The Mall of Qatar Pedestrian Bridge connects the Al Riffa Metro station to the Mall of Qatar. The project focuses on effortless Pedestrian movement between Al Riffa station and the Mall. The bridge section itself is 85m long; however, the project includes a connection through a standalone signature restaurant building & the Malls atrium terrace, before opening into the Malls Southwest Plaza at first floor.

The unique, but interlinked, spaces provided an opportunity to explore interesting spatial compositions that creates a positivity to the journey through, what would otherwise be, a transition zone. The contrasting interior spaces provide unique points of interest for the visitor, thus mitigating the monotony of passing through a bridge. The journey starts from the station exit where the curves of baffle ceiling, interrupted at intervals with the mall’s welcoming colors, and with views of the ground below; provide a sense of excitement and motion. Passing a turn, the visitor arrives at the terrace of 2 signature restaurants, complete with classical décor and looking out onto the Atrium entrance below. Further ahead, the mall access corridor houses a long media wall on one end while overlooking a landscaped terrace on the other – opportunities to excite & advertise.

The external Architecture carefully builds upon the existing façade of the building in such a successful manner that the new merge seamlessly with the existing. The bridge thus becomes part of the Mall experience – no longer a transition space, but an overflow of the life and activity from the Mall of Qatar.