Ministry of Interior Hospital - Health Care

Doha, Qatar
Health Care
35.490 m²

Allocated lot for the MOI hospital is approximately 193,750 square-meter plot of land. Only part of the lot is utilized to house the hospital and necessary ancillary facilities, the remaining area can be utilized for future expansion The design of the hospital is of a contemporary Qatari architecture and reflects the culture, traditions and history of the State of Qatar. Materials used in the design hold into account the Qatar culture and its surrounding environmental conditions. The design also adheres to the functional requirements of the facility and utilizes LEED principles. The hospital design implements the latest, up-to-date hospital features including state-of-the-art technology, equipment and security. The design of the facility focuses on creating a healing environment. The main elements of the interior design include natural materials and lighting. The design mostly be hospitality centric, featuring well-appointed landscape, water features, and lighting effects while keeping an energy efficient and environmentally green profile.